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Kitchen Scales Pro Simulator


Kitchen Scales Pro - is a simulator of the weights of the beaker on your phone and tablet. You can determine the weight in grams and milliliters, using mathematical simulation capabilities scales. First select the drink that you are using. Then select the parameters of the program - you need to determine the weight of the liquid in the cup, or pour as to obtain the desired weight. To work you will need the cup flat shape, or form of a truncated cone. Using a ruler you measure the height of the glass, the diameter of the circle, the height of water in a glass, and so forth. To determine the weight of the screen you'll see a lot of illustrated instructions to help you solve your problem. Kitchen Scales Pro - is a simulator of the scales, the game does not determine weight as the real scales, the results of exemplary, but close to reality. The program takes into account all the nuances, such as the mass of the liquid, in 1 liter of water - 1 kg of weight, in 1 liter of honey about one and a half kilos.